Better Than Her Boutique


(Grand Opening will be on December 15th, 2012)

Offering clothing, shoes, and jewelry for the fashion savvy ladies of Halifax.

A year in the Canadian Arctic gave Courtney Jones, founder of Better Than Her Boutique, a new appreciation for wildlife and the tenacity of the species that call the north their home. An Elder once shared with her that amongst all species of deer, Caribou are the only females that grow antlers. Their antlers are used to protect themselves, their young, to forage for food in the deep snow, and to impress & win mates! Female Caribou surpass all other female Cervidae. Simply put, they are "Better Than Her".

Spring Garden Place is having a tax free day on December 7th, so stop by for some fashion savvy Christmas gifts!

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5640 Spring Garden Rd

Look for us on the second floor in Spring Garden Place!